Sweet Savannah's FROYO Story

Sweet Savannah's Team

How did we come up with the idea to open Sweet Savannah's?

As one of the team members says,

I began eating frozen yogurt due to health reasons. To be exact, lactose intolerance. Totally enjoyed the "self serve" concept... I could do what I wanted! The decadent flavor of the frozen yogurt won me over completely. The experience was fun and welcoming and after eating this luscious frozen dessert, there was no "full" feeling! After extensive research, everything I learned about frozen yogurt was positive. I knew then that I wanted to be a part of the frozen yogurt business!

Sweet Savannah's TeamAnd another one adds,

It was enjoyable watching the children become so excited upon helping themselves and seeing all of the toppings that they were being offered, while at the same time parents and grandparents were enjoying the experience with them.  Its an experience that all ages like!

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FROYO is the new "I don't feel guilty afterward" frozen dessert!  


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